How happy was the words came from a brother

Orderly shaped wisdom flowing like no other

We was climbing trees to hide

They was curious to find

Brother always in love with nature

Brother inside our minds to save us

Brother said yes when we voted him

Sophisticated Emotions

No love, no fear, no satisfaction, no jubilation
Everyday is a wierd agreement and confusion
Trapped in a series of rolling clips
Two guns, one chair and a drunk priest
Brain thinking deeper eyes seeing closer
Hating the loved the forever dishonored
Closing the windows and opening your doors
Seeking vengeance for those you annoyed
Gratitude to those who left their homes
Celebrations for the broken bonds
No feelings, alone should be the discussion
Of a man in sophisticated emotions
•Steve Freddie
Poetic Verse

So who are you?

I am a dose

A healer of pain and thirst

No need for grease and paints

I remove all kinds of rust

Alias demon of lust and sex

Mind always deceived by wars

And threats that the hole is deeper

Some even surrender to both

Giving to nature and separation ventures

And since there is no cure to pain…

I am the doctor

Well versed with veins and valves

Greedy enough to eat through holes

And leave a satisfaction in all prophesies

That my sword is sharper

•Steve Freddie

Poetic Verse

I am become Voice

Whenever there’s a story

Of love lust and secrets

Tales of how we found and what we lost

Sacrifices given for the sake of many

Houses broken for fulfilling of a heart

I am become voice

The opener of styles and lights

Seizer of hope, of likes and happiness

Always ready to give my statement that

Together we aren’t many but only two

Now we are the desperation

Roaming at night stealing their lost souls

Eating from broken plates and empty pots

Yearning for more life

So we could meet up and make what’s detached

•Steve Freddie

Poetic Verse